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Parm's Tree Service

At Parm's Tree Service, we truly believe that 'Your Satisfaction Is Our Future'.  With that in mind, it is our goal to provide you with honest, safe, professional and courteous service throughout your entire removal process.

Trees can be dangerous to remove, and clearing of brush and logs can be a big task.   Often we see cases where homeowners attempted to do removal themselves with disastrous results.   Our crews have the experience, knowledge and equipment to complete your tree removal job safely and effectively.

Standard Removal 

Our seasoned staff is trained to tackle almost any project.  You might only have one dead tree in the middle of your yard, or perhaps a series of large trees looming over your home or business that need to be handled with care.  Our Chief Arborist has successfully removed over 3,000 trees without any damage to structures or customer property.

Surgical removals

When trees fall, they can do a lot of damage.  Often, simply 'cutting the tree down' is not an option.  Our staff is versed in a wide variety of removal techniques such as rope-rigging, aerial lift cutting, zip-lines and directional cabling methods.  It is our continued endeavor to stand apart from our competitors in our work and our results.

Clear cutting

Whether you have thick underbrush, a forest that needs thinning, or a lot to be cleared for your new home in the woods, we have the crew for you.  Our staff knows the art of directional felling, which not only leads to a faster and more efficient project, but can avoid damage to desirable trees in the area that you wish to preserve.

Emergency service

When storms come through, or the old oak out back decides to uproot and lay itself out on the garage, getting it cleared fast is likely a priority for you, and so then is a priority for us.  We will have an estimator out to you as soon as possible, often within a few hours to meet with you and determine the best approach to clearing the mess.  Often, we can have saws running the same day, based on need. 

Stump Grinding

Often if we are removing a tree for you, you will also need the stump ground.  Or maybe you had a tree cut down years ago and its time to take care of that obnoxious stump.  Our stump grinding service is both offered with our tree removal service, or as a stand alone service.